Miscriant reviews: Led Bib at Sounds New 2014

May 13, 2014

The omni-present cultural blogger, Miscriant, has been wielding a sharpened pencil again, and reviews Led Bib’s recent gig as part of this year’s Sounds New festival.

Read it online here.

Led Bib’s latest album: 7/10 from NME

April 21, 2014

NME has awarded 7/10 to Led Bib’s latest album, describing it as capturing the ‘dense, sonic uninhibitedness of their show.’

You can judge for yourself when Led Bib brings its brash, driven jazz-fusion to Canterbury at Sounds New on 4 May.

Read the review online here, and find out more about Led Bib at Sounds New here.

Festival feature in the news

April 12, 2014

Delightmemt and excitement coursing through the corridors of Sounds New HQ at this feature in the local press on Thursday.


Find out about all the events at Sounds New next month online here.

Three Questions: Led Bib

April 7, 2014

Coming to Sounds New next month, I put Three Questions to Led Bib‘s Mark Holub.

Tell us about the group

Led Bib is a band which I started as part of my Masters degree in 2003, and it played its first gig in 2004(celebrating 10 years this year!). It plays music which sits somewhere in between rock, jazz, improv and some other genres…..and I am pleased to say that as the band developed it was just as much about the other guys in its ideas as mine, a truly musical collaboration.

Image: Matt Crossick

Image: Matt Crossick

What excites you about contemporary music ?
In all genres it is great seeing people trying to push themselves and their music to new places. I’ve never really understood the desire to recreate work that has already existed, so I have tried to push myself too.

What can we expect from your performance at Sounds New next month ?
The performance at Sounds New is going to feature music from our new album, which is coming out April 21st. The Sounds New show is the last of our 13 dates UK tour, so we will have really gotten to grips with the new material; we always love playing in Canterbury, so I look forward to a really special show.

To whet your appetites, here’ the video to the band’s latest single, which has been released this very morning…