Sounding the City: a psychogeographical sonic tour of Canterbury

May 1, 2014

Created for the Sounds New Festival 2014, Sonogeography: Canterbury is an audio interpretation and realisation of the map of the city; psychogeography meets sonic composition. The layout of the city is fascinating – the overspilling of the place over its own boundary walls, the broken ring of the roads surrounding it, the plethora of ancient buildings and the peaceful river split and flowing through its centre. Created from field recordings taken while walking the perimeter roads and influenced by the musical creation being explored by this our festival this year, this piece is an evolving ambient work referencing music, history, topography and human relationships.

Ben Horner is a sound artist, electronic composer, live performer and lecturer in audio technology and composition. Interested in sound for space and the psychoacoustic properties inherent in audio composition, Ben works extensively with field recordings and interview material to create pieces based on cultural and geographic reference points. These raw materials are often treated and manipulated to convey an atmosphere and a sense of ‘the where’, socially, historically and spatially. His work can also be found installed as part of the Piano in the Woods project at the Sidney Cooper Gallery from Friday 2nd May.

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