Three Questions: Kit Downes

Coming to Sounds New as part of Robert Stillman’s Leap of Death project, I put Three Questions to composer and pianist, Kit Downes.

Tell us about yourself.

Kit Downes

Kit Downes

My name is Kit Downes and I’m a composer, pianist and organist living in London. I work with lots of musicians, composers and artists, and also occasionally design instruments. One of the musicians I am lucky enough to play with is Robert Stillmann – a fantastic composer and saxophonist, with whom I will be playing at Sounds New festival this year.

What excites you about contemporary music ?

Any music that moves me I find exciting – not necessarily contemporary music, which I guess I find a slightly nebulous term, just because some of the most constantly challenging and fresh engaging music I hear isn’t necessarily the newest in terms of time-line (contemporary is a slightly subjective term in music I think – hence the name of the band, the ‘Archaic Future Players,’ I guess!) I think that’s something Robert and I both agree on.. But I guess I do love hearing new things that I haven’t heard before – whether that is in terms of approach, aesthetics or intention – anything that sounds fresh to me I tend to get excited about!

What can we expect from your visit to Sounds New in May ?

I’m playing with Robert’s fantastic project – which is a live acoustic score to an old film that was made in 1928, but is now lost. The film is The Four Devils by F. W. Murnau – and the score Robert has written for it is brilliant – engaging and challenging!

Find out more about the Leap of Death project at Sounds New on Tuesday 6 May online here.

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