Sounds New Roadshow: the teacher’s view

The Sounds New Roadshow, the travelling part of our education arm, recently visited St Eanswythe’s Primary School, Folkestone, on its county-wide tour of schools. Here’s what one of the members of staff had to say about the day…


st_e_logoThe Sounds New Roadshow’s performance was an original and inspiring experience for the children at St Eanswythe’s Primary School, providing them with a useful insight into the creative world of musical composition.

The personalities of each of the instrumentalists were effective in engaging pupils from the ages of 5 right up to 11. Each musician captured the minds of the children through introducing their instruments and offering an insight into the unusual and creative ways in which they can be played.

The children particularly enjoyed taking the lead as conductors and offering their thoughts on what the guitarists composition should be called, based on their own interpretations of the piece. Their thoroughly worthwhile, educational and interactive performance left the children buzzing with excitement at the possibility of learning to play such instruments themselves!

Lucy Burnett, Year One teacher.

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