Aim for the starlight: Paul Burnell at Sounds New

Aim straight for the starlight is an education and community development project at this year’s Sounds New, in collaboration with CoMA.

Paul Burnell

Paul Burnell

Leading to a public performance of composer Paul Burnell’s Aim Straight for Starlight, this is a project where the composer himself will come down to work with local schools and the CCCU ‘Scratch Orchestra.’ The piece is composed with this educational and community purpose in mind and its instrumentation includes (amongst others) different hand-held percussion instruments as well as ocarinas, melodicas, even bottles, all of which can be used by children performing alongside professional players (playing wind, brass and string instruments), giving them a real sense of playing as part of an ensemble in a public occasion.

This project is helping to strengthen the relationship between CoMA, Sounds New, the local community and Christ Church University; an educational project, where amateur musicians and students studying to become professionals work alongside each other and with school children towards a public concert.

The performance of Aim Straight for the Starlight will be a part of  the All for One concert series, in the concert taking place at St Peter’s Church, Canterbury, on Tuesday 7 May at 11am, with a discretionary entry of £1.

Sponsored by Kent Soundhub

Sponsored by Kent Soundhub

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